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Great, You’ve Survived the Shovel Party.

You’ve survived the Creation Rites and you’ve joined a pack. You’re True Sabbat. I’m super fuckin’ happy for you. I know you’re sayin’ to yourself, “Let’s let the gore fest begin!” Yeah, the rest of your short fucking immortality could just be a whirlwind of violence and pain on your way towards your ultimate supernova. More power to ya, Jack. However, if you wanna fight for more than a few merciless nights, you need to know more than, “Crush. Kill. Destroy.” Got it? 

Welcome to LA. Those about to die, we salute you. 

The Pack:
So, what’s the point of the pack? I mean, c’mon. This is remedial stuff, dude. All those elders you’ve been itching to take it to are solitary, selfish nightmares. All that power you’ve been drunk on since last September is exactly zip when compared to the singular power of 500 years of carefully cultivated influence and power. 

See, we aren’t just a bunch of free-wheeling, party ‘til you puke, savages. No. We are purpose driven, free-wheeling, party ‘til you puke warriors of Caine. I wondered how I fit into the grand scheme of things, too. Luckily, older and smarter Cainites worked all this shit out years ago
Anyways, I digress. The pack is your family. It’s your unit. It’s often the dirty, rotten bunch of bloody monsters that brought you into the army of Caine’s burning fuckin’ sword. These are the Cainites that’ll have your back. They’re the Cainites you’ll perform most of your ritae with. You’ll sleep next to them. You’ll hunt with them. You’ll go to your final death with them. 

The leader of your pack is the Ductus. Typically, this is the most accomplished member of your pack, or simply the asshole who’s survived the longest. However the ducti get there, they are the highest ranking member of your pack. Ductus is likely the highest rank you can hope to attain in the Sabbat. 

The Priest: 
Have you been to church? Well, similar to the church you attended in your mortal life, the priest is responsible for your spiritual well-being. The priest is second in command and officiates all ritae observed by your pack. Yeah, so all those games you play and fires you jump over have a meaning. The priest makes all of those rituals have an actual purpose. The priest is there to make sure that the beast urging you towards violence doesn’t just up and swallow you whole. 

If the Ductus is the leader of the pack, the Abbot is the exact opposite. Well, maybe that’s not totally fair. The Abbot is in charge of keeping up the pack’s haven. In some Founded packs, the Abbot might be a ghoul. In nomadic packs, it’s often the newest member of the pack. Anyways, however you pick your Abbot, they’re job is to maintain the communal haven. 

Templars and Paladins:
Leadership has its perks. Most of our upper leadership gets to where they are through cunning, judicious use of violence and careful planning. Once they get to a position of leadership, it’s time for them to stop rutting in the mud with you puppies. This is where the Templars come in. They are elite bodyguards who serve a martial purpose, exclusively. Word to the wise: If you want to get squirrely with a Templar, don’t. 

If there’s no Archbishop in your city, typically you’ll find a council of Bishops calling the shots. Bishops tend to be younger and less accomplished than an Archbishop, which is why Bishops rule by council. Much like an Archbishop, the council answers directly to a Cardinal. That way, an especially ill-tempered Bishop doesn’t destroy a whole council. Bishops are typically 200 years or older. Keep that in mind when you decide to talk shit. 

Typically, the Archbishop is the most powerful Cainite in your city. They officiate the nightly affairs of a specific city. They bear the responsibility of all those Sabbat beneath them, as well as maintaining the Sabbat’s best interests. In addition, the Archbishop is the foremost spiritual authority in a given city. The Archbishops are appointed by the region’s Cardinal and are typically promoted from the rank of priest.

Distinguished amongst the Sabbat, the Prisci are not revered, necessarily, for their influence or power. They act as advisors to leadership and are selected by the consistory to join its ranks. A Priscus is typically quite old. Some of them are rumored to predate the actual Anarch Revolt. Next time you meet one of the Prisci, how about you ask them yourself? 

The Cardinal is to a whole region what an Archbishop is to a city. The Cardinal is responsible for crusades; converting cities in their diocese to the Sabbat’s influence. A Cardinal is an immensely powerful, influential and dangerous vampire. They have proven their worth in wars as well as influence. Show your respects if you happen to cross paths with one at the next Palla Grande. 

The Regent:
The Regent is the Head Cainite in Charge of the Sabbat. Consider the Regent to be the president, dictator and pope all rolled into one. Personally, I couldn’t give a fuck who’s “in charge” of the Sabbat, but you make your own choice on that. Most consider this position hypocritical, however they still respect the power associated with it. If you ever get to Mexico City, maybe you’ll get to see the Regent from the nose-bleed seats. 

So, now that you know about the various titles of the Sabbat, are there laws to follow? Funny you should ask. Our laws are assembled into an oath called...

“The Code of Milan.” 

By the solemn word of Regent Gorchist, this is the one true Code of Milan, revised from the original manuscript this night, December 21, 1933. Out of the ashes of our great war may this peace reign everlasting.

An oath of Allegiance has been sworn by the regent and the consistory in the presence of all faction leaders and 50 other witnesses to faithfully follow all regulations imposed by this code in leading the Sabbat. This revised Code of Milan is agreed on by all Sabbat factions, including those of Cadinals Huroff, Bruce de Guy, Agnes and Charles VI; and Archbishops Beatrice, Una, Tecumseh, Giangaleazzo, Toth, Aeron, Marsilio, Rebecca, Julian and Salluccio. All other factions must pledge themselves in support of this revised Code of Milan or claim separation from the Sabbat.

These are the statutes comprising the Code of Milan:

I. The Sabbat shall remain united in its support of the sect's Regent. If necessary, a new Regent shall be elected. The Regent shall support relief from tyranny, granting all Sabbat freedom.

II. All Sabbat shall do their best to serve their leaders as long as said leaders serve the will of the Regent.

III. All Sabbat shall faithfully observe all the Auctoritas Ritae.

IV. All Sabbat shall keep their word of honor to one another.

V. All Sabbat shall treat their peers fairly and equally, upholding the strength and unity of the Sabbat. If necessary, they shall provide for the needs of their brethren.

VI. All Sabbat must put the good of the sect before their own personal needs, despite all costs.

VII. Those who are not honorable under this code will be considered less than equal and therefore unworthy of assistance.

VIII. As it has always been, so it shall always be. The Lextalionis shall be the model for immortal justice by which all Sabbat shall abide.

IX. All Sabbat shall protect one another from the enemies of the Sect. Personal enemies shall remain personal responsibility unless they undermine Sect security.

X. All sect members shall protect Sabbat territory from all other powers.

XI. The spirit of freedom shall be the fundamental principle of the Sect. All Sabbat shall expect and demand freedom from their leaders.

XII. The ritus of Monomacy shall be used to settle disputes among all Sabbat.

XIII. All Sabbat shall support the Black Hand.


Statutes added to the revised Code of Milan:

XIV. All Sabbat have the right to monitor the behavior and activities of their fellow Sect members in order to maintain freedom and security.

XV. All Sabbat possess the right to call a council of their peers and their immediate leaders.

XVI. All Sabbat shall act against Sect members who use the powers and authority the Sabbat has given them for personal gain at the expense of the Sabbat. Action shall be taken only through accepted means, approved by a quorum of Prisci.

The Sword of Caine in Los Angeles

Well, pal, you’re here. We’re in an unfriendly place surrounded by chaos and unrest. In one direction, you’ve got the “Anarchs.” A sassy bunch of rebellious youngsters who are rallying for change in a system of slavery. On the other end, you have the Camarilla – our sworn immortal enemies. What’s the difference? Hardly anything. The Camarilla works through perceived power and mortal manipulation to swallow up literal land. The Anarchs are essentially a bunch of sad punks groveling at the feet of the Camarilla. So, what’s LA look like for us? Well, not totally great. 

South Central belongs to Bishop Mohammed and is still fiercely defended by his childer. While nobody’s been able to get ahold of him, nobody is claiming he’s dead. South Central, even though it’s controlled by the Sabbat, remains extremely unfriendly to most nomadic Sabbat. Tread lightly. 

Simi Valley has overflowed with biker gang violence as the Packs, "Reavers MC", "The Violent Kind MC" and the "Cripple Crew MC" were thought to be fighting over territory and power. This was a calculated ruse created by local and federal law enforcement to destroy these packs. During the early morning hours, well-armed and highly knowledgeable federal agents made precise attacks on the clubhouses of the Sabbat packs. The casualties were massive. After the attacks, The Cripple Crew went to challenge Bishop Mohammed for voiced concerns regarding the sabbat in L.A. The Cripple Crew, for all their bluster, were never seen again. Shortly after, Bishop Mohammed vanished. Yeah, I have no idea. 

In the power Vacuum left by Bishop Mohammed's sudden departure, a new pack was formed in Simi Valley. Enter: The Skinwalkers. As the Skinwalkers made efforts to make a place for Sabbat in Simi-Valley, they were met by the surviving Violent Kind MC. In a deadly ritus, the Skinwalkers and Templar Septimus were accepted into Simi Valley, gaining the communal haven, Club Synn, in the process.

Leadership in L.A. was secured when the Pack "New Eden" arrived. The Skinwalkers received New Eden at the Communal haven they had just won. Soon, it was discovered that New Eden were veterans of the sect, and much more than they seemed. Uriel, the ductus of New Eden, was a founding member of the path of enlightenment, Honorable Accord, and a Templar to Priscus Belladonna. The Priscus, it would turn out, is the sire of Cardinal Radu. Later, the Skinwalkers would learn that the members of New Eden were all given titles as a way to force the pack into serving the Sabbat out of a sense of duty. Later, it was discovered that New Eden was not interested or concerned with Sabbat leadership. In fact, New Eden had a history of unpredictable behavior and was known to war with others in the Sabbat. Yet, for some reason, they’ve never been Wild Hunted by the Sabbat.

In a show of power, New Eden took the communal haven of SYNN as their own personal turf. It was not long before SYNN was raided by the FBI, reminiscent of previous raids on Sabbat havens. The Skinwalkers, meanwhile, had secured another Communal haven, Sunny Graves Correctional facility, in Simi-Valley. Nobody has a fucking clue where the Skinwalkers found the funding and resources to take over the prison. All we know is, the only occupants of the prison are Sabbat.