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Curse of Caine Scene

Because this is an online, text-based role-playing game, we have to have some structure and rules to allow of things to run smoothly. While there are three dedicated storytellers running this game, it is impossible to be on at all times and to address all requests. As such, we’ve created some simple, easy to follow rules for Curse of Caine:

  • First, scenes are run Monday and Friday nights with storytellers. These are the nights that players can schedule scenes with the storytelling staff, in advance, at a first-come-first-served scheduling. 
  • Scene times start at 5:00 PM Central and end when complete, or when participants have to leave. 
  • These scenes are specifically instituted by the staff. They include, but are not limited to: Feeding scenes, Elysium or court, esbats, rants, etc. 
  • Staff will run scenes on other days besides Friday or Monday, provided 3 or more player characters are involved. Do not hesitate to assemble other players and petition the storytelling staff for a scene if you have a specific goal in mind. If your coterie or pack do not have an agenda, you probably don’t need a scene. 
  • Characters are permitted and encouraged to roleplay throughout the week in public rooms. The staff monitor and review these rooms for posterity and experience points.
  • If combat is initiated between characters, please tag a storyteller. Combat must not proceed without a storyteller present. Combat is permitted, but due to the potential for outside influence, combat should always include a storyteller. 


Downtimes, blue booking, etc. are narrative style interactions with staff used to grow your characters martial and temporal assets. Additionally, downtimes are used for requesting meetings with non-player characters. Here are a few key things to remember when submitting downtime requests: 

  • Downtime submissions are done weekly. The weekly cycle starts on Monday. 
  • Downtime submissions are limited to one major activity and two minor activities per week. 
    For example, spending the week conditioning a servant would be a major activity, while having coffee with an ally would be a minor activity.
    After submission of the downtime, the storytelling staff has final say about what’s considered major or minor. We will work with you, but this is not meant to be a point of debate between players and staff. 
  • NPC/player interactions are not intended to be longer than one-hour scenes. Be prepared with a goal and clear intent ahead of time before requesting scenes with Non-Player Characters. Staff will provide a narrative summary of the scene outcome. 
  • Downtime activities can result in experience rewards as warranted. Character growth, roleplay, etc. are the end goal. Be creative, but make sure you're not working simply for exp. You'll grow by consistently playing the character you've created. 

In summation, this is meant to be a guide for play on Curse of Caine. There's no way this page can account for every possible situation that emerges during play. If you have questions, always contact staff or our Player Ambassadors. 

As always, have fun!