Rules of the Game


The following is a list of rules for in-game play. They are not meant to be exhaustive, and will grow and change as the game requires. 

  1. If you are in a room and plan on feeding from anything, you need staff present. All scenes of that nature should be presented in such a way that the staff member present can arbitrate what’s occurring in the world. In other words, “I’d like to...” instead of “I have done.”

  2. You are permitted to describe your character with as much detail as you like. We describe the world. If you have a haven or some other place of business, you can describe that in detail as well. The exception being, things that would physically impact other players or non-player characters. For example, traps, etc.

  3. Retainers, herd, allies, contacts, etc. are considered non-player characters. You may describe their presence, but you are not playing them yourself. Human assets are external to your character. If you want to describe mundane things about your retainer (I made out with my ghoul) or you want to describe feeding from your herd, go ahead. If something or someone is being killed, we need to be informed in advance.

  4. If you are going to a club, or traveling to a location, please avoid posting in multiple locations at the same time. If you are going to Club Zombie, for instance, we don’t require you to post in Down Town LA, or to inform us that you’re traveling through.

  5. Avoid posting internal monologue in public areas. If you’d like to share personal insights into the motives of your character, please send those to staff in a private message through Discord. Any examples of that will be deleted by staff. While we greatly appreciate the creativity, the rooms are a public place. Posting internal thoughts will impact how other players interact with you, intentionally or not.6. 

  6. If you take a lore for your character, you the player, also need to have access that knowledge. In other words, if you cannot call upon where it’s located in a book, and don’t have the personal knowledge to support it, do not take it. If you have a kindred lore of 4, make sure that you, the player, are at least that knowledgeable about kindred, or have a library from which you can draw info. Do not try to play outside your scope of knowledge.

  7. During character creation, we would ask that our Patrons refrain from submitting characters that belong to clans the player is unfamiliar with. We do take the canon seriously, and we wish to portray a game that is as true to that idea as possible. If you want to play a unique clan, that's fine, but we insist you have knowledge to back that play. We're always willing to make grand concessions for good story, but we expect your knowledge to match your desire.

  8. If you ever have a question, concern or problem, contact the staff. We cannot get better or bring you a better game if we're unaware of a problem. Remember, we're here for you to have fun. If you're not, let us know how we can help. 

We hope you all continue to enjoy the game and your experience. If you have questions or concerns, let us know.