Roleplaying in Discord

For a lot of people, online roleplaying, as well as using Discord, is a new and intimidating experience. It was for us, too. Discord is pretty user-friendly, and with a little practice you should be ready to go in no time at all. Below, we've provided some step-by-step instructions on how we role-play and run scenes through Discord. 


Format of the scene for ease of reading:

1. To describe a die-roll, ask a question, or make an OOC statement,  bracket your sentence. Example: [I would love a cold beverage of redbull to deal with this scene] This lets us know that what you've just said is unrelated to in-character role-play. 

2. Put a single asterisk before and after your sentence to italicize your words. This is used for describing activities your character might be doing, expressions your character might have, or taking simple actions. For example, *Thom walks into the bar and takes a seat, avoiding eye contact with the other patrons.

3. Put two asterisks before and after words to make them BOLD. This is used for attention and impact communication. Example: **Reaper** Spits is drink on the bar when Thom walks in.  

4.  Speech is denoted by quotation marks before and after what you are saying, like dialogue from a novel. This seperates speech from description. Example: Thom: "Sound's like someone has a strong opinion about me." 

All together, your typical interactions will look like the following example: 

Reaper: Stands up and walks to Thom at the table. "You gotta lotta nerve coming in here!"
Thom: Without looking up, "Funny how you're getting on all of 'em."

For more information about text formatting in Discord, click HERE. As always, feel free to ask Staff or other players if you're confused about anything!

5.  We use a simple app called RPBot for dice rolling. Information about how the app works can be found HERE. White Wolf's Classic World of Darkness only uses 10 sided dice, so it's pretty simple to use this program. 
If you have questions about how to use the app, simply send RPBot a private message in Discord with the word, "help." The app will send you instructions on how to use the commands in chat.