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Below you will find an archive of recorded material presented as in-game information. all of the material presented is available to the community at large. 

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In this episode, Justin Lee Smith talks about recent activities in Malibu and the violence that's boiled over into the world of daylight.
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In the first episode of Battle Los Angeles, 'Nines' Rodriguez speaks to 'Reef' of the Crypt's Sons of South Central LA. 
Originally recorded in June, 2017. 



In this episode, 'Nines' sits down with a Camarilla Archon to get the skinny on what the sect wants in Los Angeles. 
Originally recorded June, 2017. 

In this episode, our host 'Nines' goes on vacation. Your local Sabbat members, Stone and Mohammad, fill in and fill you in. 
Originally recorded June 16, 2017



In this episode, Nines talks to one of the most infamous Anarchs in the country - Carlyle of clan Brujah. 

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In this episode, Nines talks to Charles of clan Malkavian about his recent transition to a Saint. A Saint is born from the dead. 

The treatise "Five Pillars of Power" was pinned down by the Toreador Redondo de Vasquez during the 12th century. It describes the best way for sires to school their childer. During the Anarch Revolt and recently in the Modern Nights, his work has received high criticisms.

After a format change, Prince Lacroix has a calm conversation with the Brujah Primogen about the current state of Los Angeles, and his open-door policy with the Anarch population. 

This week on Enemy of the State with Justin Lee Smith, we try to uncover the vast, supernatural conspiracy that holds Los Angeles in the grip of terror. What horrible monsters stalk the shadows?
Originally recorded July 28th, 2017

The week on Enemy of the State with Justin Lee Smith, we dig into the mud to bring the horrible worms of corruption to light. Check out Justin's web store for great, holistic products without additives or GMO's!

"In the coming days, I need you, the awake and aware, to see through the lies and smokescreen of the ancient conspiracy. If we do not keep our eyes open, we shall remain shackled.

I will continue to broadcast, no matter what happens. The oppressive state will have to sew my lips shut to quiet me. I will remain in hiding until such time that I am summoned before a tribunal. Faith will be our light in this dark period.”