LaCroix's Laws of Elysium

lodins law.png

Rule 1

Elysium are locations deemed especially important by the elders of Kindred Society to have social worth or Merit. As such, it is the duty of all to ensure the safety and sanctity of Elysium. 

Rule 2

All Elysia are approved by the Prince with no exception. If a location is especially important to you, you may direct recommendations  to the Keeper of Elysium.

rule 3

Political discussion is forbidden on Elysium. All kindred should expect calm, peaceful interactions with any who walk upon these hallowed grounds. 

Rule 4

All Kindred that have been acknowledged by the Prince, or looking to be acknowledged by the Prince, are welcome on Elysium. All seeking peace are welcome to honor Hospitality. 

Rule 5

Refreshments are provided by the Keeper of Elysium, to be arranged with the Hierarchy's preference for the evening. It is at the discretion of the Keeper of Elysium if such refreshments will be permitted, so that the First Tradition is upheld.

Rule 6

the Keeper of Elysium may ask any to depart for behavior unbecoming of peace and civility. Those who refuse to obey the Keeper's request will assuredly invoke the Prince's swift and decisive wrath.

Rule 7

the Keeper of Elysium is responsible for the all locations deemed sacrosanct by the Prince. She is responsible for all Salons (and their results), Common gatherings and weekly upkeep of these locations. It is with this esteemed responsibility that our sacred landmarks remain unsullied.  

Rule 8

Elysium is a haven from the struggles of nightly ennui. Come, be as you are, among your peers and luminaries. All kindred are free from the shackles of the Masquerade while on Elysium. However, it is expected that all other Traditions are respected at all times. 

Rule 9

Vulgar use of powers of the blood, what some would call, "Gifts of Caine," are a breach of etiquette and decorum. Those using so called, "Disciplines," on Elysium will be seen as gauche at best, and untrustworthy at worst. The Keeper of Elysium is arbitrator of all claims regarding such behavior.