The Geography of Politics


Disclaimer: Below, you may find inaccurate or contradictory  information. This is intentional. All of this information comes from a variety of sources, word-of-mouth, rumors, and hearsay. No information is 100% accurate. Every lie holds some truth. 

1.    Griffith Park: Massive abandoned park rumored to be patrolled by lupines. 

2.    Glendale: Anarch barony controlled by Edith and Enid Blount of Clan Toreador.3.    Malibu: Satellite Barony controlled by the mysterious Pilaldo Saints Cartel.
4.    Santa Monica Mountains: Lupine Territory. Kindred warn against venturing into these protected lands. 

5.    Simi Valley: Sabbat Territory said to be home to small, disorganized packs. Former home to The Reavers biker gang.

6.    San Fernando Hot Zone: Territory under dispute in open fighting against Camarilla and Anarch forces.

7.    Burbank: Barony controlled by the elusive Bella, Lord of vampires. 

8.    Barony of Pasadena: Anarch barony controlled by Dantillus De’Artagne of Clan Ventrue. 

9.    The Wilds: Home to a powerful and territorial pack of politically neutral Gangrel. Recently, Covina has been absorbed by these savage kindred.  

10.  Barony of Whittier: Upscale territory protected by the Anarch, Gloria Martinez. 

11.  Barony of Anaheim: Disney Land is the jewel in the crown of Anarch Baron, Amethyst, and her militant crew. 

12.  Santa Ana: The Giovanni, through the enigmatic Cesare, are the major force of Santa Ana. 

13.  Barony of Huntington Beach: Previously, a commune of surfers patrolled the beach. Recently, this territory has been absorbed by Baron of Torrance, David Geduld. 

14.  Barony of Long Beach: A violent gang of surfers, punks and misfits hunt this barony. Like many of the other gangs, these “Lost Boys” are extremely territorial. 

15.  Barony of Torrance: Long time Anarch Baron, David Geduld, controls this territory from his posh, well-guarded estate. 

16.  South Central Crypt’s Sons: A massive, politically tumultuous pocket of Sabbat control in the crime-ridden streets of South Central Los Angeles. Rumored to be a Lasombra stronghold.  Previously controlled by Bishop Mohammed, who has since vanished. 

17.  Pilaldo Saints Cartel: In recent months, a powerful new force has swallowed the waning El Hermandad. Now, a much more brutal, frighteningly spiritual group of Anarchs control East LA. 

18.  United Los Angeles: Under the auspice of the Camarilla, of Prince LaCroix of Clan Ventrue has united Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica under his Domain.  


No Bullshit Allowed

So now that you're a full-fledged citizen of the grand Anarch experience, where will you go? Well, Punchy, I've got the low-down on the whole damn city. Save all questions for the end as we travel through the "Tour of the Stars." No flash photography, please. 
"Nines" Rodriguez

United Los Angeles

United Los Angeles
Population: +/- 80 Vampires.
Making up the bulk of the former Anarch Free-States, this area is currently considered a Camarilla Domain. Over the course of many years, the Prince of West Los Angeles, Sebastian LaCroix, was able to capture the entire Barony of Angels. His domain stretches from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles and all of Downtown. Early in the summer of 2017, Baron, Jeremy MacNeal, was murdered by a mysterious elder. Using this as the catalyst to seize power, Lacroix now maintains Domain over the largest sections of Southern California. 

West Los Angeles
Population: 20+ vampires

Formally known as the Barony of West Los Angeles, this vast territory is now part of the Camarilla Domain. Back in the day, a fairly affluent Ventrue by the name of Louis Fortier controlled the Barony, along with his blood-bound mistresses, like an actual Baron. Previous to the formation of the Free States, Fortier was a Camarilla Primogen under Prince Don Sebastian Juan Dominguez. Long story short, those former ties, as well as his ties to his own clan, came back and bit him in the ass. In 1999, the Camarilla staged an incursion, using LAX as their ground control. Within three nights, they had slain Fortier with the help of his “blood bound” mistress, taken control of his holdings and planned to move out from West LA into the other Baronies. Through clever politics, and probably a whole bunch of double dealing and assassination, the Camarilla solidified their hold on West Los Angeles and set its sights on the Barony of Angels. Now, Prince Sebastian LaCroix and his Primogen Council claim domain over the region, with a little help from his Sheriff and a cadre of Archons.

Santa Monica
Population: 15 vampires

Here is a story, all about how, Santa Monica got flipped, turned upside-down. If you'd like to take a minute and sit right back, I'll tell you the story of how an unhinged Malkavian went from Baron to Prince. Don't have time? Well, rumor on the street is, two delightfully wacky sisters known as the Voerman twins are actually one duplicitous Malkavian with a healthy lack of stable identity. Currently, business suit sister sits as "Elder" (and we're not saying it's because the Camarilla swept in a few years ago), and controls a vast feeding ground. That's the story today.  

Griffith Park
Population: 0 vampires
Yeah. Take my advice, stay out of Griffith Park. If you want to get slaughtered by man wolves for walking in a nature preserve, be my guest. Otherwise, take my words to heart and stay out of Griffith Park.

The Northwest Baronies

Simi Valley, Santa Clarita
Population: 6 vampires

Former home to the infamous Death Valley Reavers, this Sabbat biker gang rolled in back in the early 90’s and just never left. Recently, the Reavers have had to deal with aggressive FBI incursions and have lost their base of operations, as well as a number of their members.In the last few months, a newly formed pack called, "The Skinwalkers," have made their home in Simi Valley, controlling a profitable Gentleman's Club called, "Synn." They have the potential to be a serious contender against the Camarilla and Anarchs in the coming nights. 

San Fernando Valley
Population: 3 vampires

Welcome to “The Valley.” This is where a lot of the LA vampires used to go to feed. Now, it's the frontline in the ongoing war between the Camarilla and the Anarch forces that remain loyal to "The Cause." 

Lupine Territory
Population: 0 vampires

Topanga Canyon and the Santa Monica mountains are bad news for you, friend. Werewolves. They don't like cainites, and they won't hesitate to fuck your whole night up. Leave them be, for you and for me. 

Population: +/- 5 vampires

Since days immemorial, Malibu has been a hotly contested beach-front community. I can't figure out why and I'm not advising you to figure it out, either. Now, it's controlled by some far-out religious Cartel. They claim allegiance to the Anarchs, so that's all I care about. I stand by previous assertions, even knowing that. Stay the FUCK out of Malibu!

The Central Baronies

South Central LA - The Crypt’s Sons
Population: 20 – 30 vampires

From Inglewood to Commerce, from Compton to Maywood and Bell Gardens, you’ll find Crypt’s Sons territory. Formerly known as Crypt’s Sons Barony, this area now firmly belongs to the Sabbat. Bishop Mohammed al-Muthlim controlled the city’s largest and most powerful gang in LA. Any kindred entering the territory that doesn’t belong to the Crypt’s Sons generally doesn’t come back. Recently, Bishop Mohammad has stopped answering his calls. Now, a cadre of Lasombra supposedly call this area home. 

East LA – Pilaldo Saints Cartel
Population: 12 – 15 vampires
East LA is populated by a mostly poor, Hispanic immigrant class. A number of mortal and anarch gangs used to control this area, and East LA is some of the most violent real estate in LA. Since Salvador Garcia and his coterie have dissolved, a new, more violent gang have stepped in. Those who have refused to fall under their yoke have a habit of vanishing. 

The Wilds
Population: 6 or more vampires

The Wilds aren’t a traditional Barony and they don’t have a Baron. Rumor has it, a very old Gangrel and his childer claim the domain as hunting grounds. They seem to be content to hold their land and keep other Kindred from feeding here. They are rumored to be incredibly territorial and have no issue sending invaders to Final Death. It’s best to avoid The Wilds.

The Northeast Baronies

Population: +/- 4 vampires

A powerful and influential Ventrue, Dantillus De’Artagne, controls this territory without opposition. Few know the Baron's history of motivations, and even fewer are willing to ask. 

Population: 1 vampire

How do you have a Barony with one vampire? Well, about that… there’s this dude, calls himself “Bela”. He’s upset that he’s been demoted to Barron from Count. He seriously thinks he’s fuckin’ Count Dracula. Anyways, if you don’t mind dealing with a Malkavian who’s clearly detached from reality, give Burbank a visit.

The Southern Baronies

Long Beach
Population: 12 vampires

Surfer commune, remember? The guy most likely in charge is a typical Southern California surfer type named Steve Booth. Steve controls the local street gangs with his buds, but the group are all about having fun and never getting old. They’re like the Lost Boys if they had sex with the bank robbers from Point Break. Cool cats, if you don’t mind beach trash.

Barony of Torrance
Population: 8 vampires

Bordering West LA and Long Beach, the Ventrue David Geduld maintains his control over shipping in the area. In the last several years, Torrance and Long Beach have been embroiled in a bitter feud, due to the Ventrue Baron’s desire to take over Long Beach’s shipping interests.

Huntington Beach
Population: 5 vampires

The Lords of Seal Beach are gone. Now, David Geduld seems to extend his circle of influence even wider. Is he a Baron, or is he becoming a Prince in his own right? 

Population: 8 vampires

What’s that? You wanna go to Disneyland? Cool. Anaheim is home to two warring factions that have been vying for control of Anaheim since the 60’s. You know, some assholes fight just to fight. Anyways, Disneyland is a dedicated Elysium; fighting is strictly forbidden. The park is one of the few places UNIVERSALLY free from violence. Even the Sabbat respect the sanctity of Disney. It’s open to all, at all times. Fuck up in Disney, and even rival gangs will join hands to deal with you.
Recently, some dip shit started a bunch of fires in Anaheim and brought the mortal authorities out in droves. No word on who it was or where they are now, but Anaheim borders are closed up for now. 

The Outlier

San Diego
Population: 20 – 25 vampires
Well, once there was this Baron named Tara. She used to be down with the cause. Now, there’s this Prince named Tara. Remember how I told you about West LA in ’99? Well, traitor Tara helped make that a reality. Now, LA is surrounded by two solid Camarilla domains - Tara's being the stronger. Tales tell of her being ALL-IN on the "Prince" thing, and has helped Archons deal with the nearest two Baronies in the area. Be cautious, my pedigree chums.