Curse of Caine Newsletter Vol. 1

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Welcome, fans of Curse of Caine, to our very first newsletter. This type of newsletter will be a regular occurrence for our players and prospective Patreon supporters, so they can get an idea of how the game is growing and what's happening with our Classic World of Darkness Vampire: the Masquerade game. Without further ado, let's get right into the updates! 

Camarilla News

Prince Lacroix has further cemented his hold and influence over Downtown Los Angeles. With the destruction of MacNeal and the dissolution of MacNeal's coterie, Lacroix sits unopposed on the seat of power. Recently, Prince Lacroix’s wrath has been felt across United Los Angeles, due to the revelation and implosion of a dramatic love triangle. The Prince, Former Primogen Lyon and Former Harpy Daisy have witnessed their turgid affair impact the climate of the Camarilla Elysium. It is apparent that the Prince has bequeathed the position of Seneschal and Harpy as a political move... but to what end? Who or what has urged the Prince to make such changes to his nascent court?

  • Andrew Calderone of Clan Tremere has recently stepped up to assume the role of Seneschal, breaking the Curse of Clan Tremere’s social black eyes in the City. Only time will tell if this is a revelation for clan Tremere, or the death rattle for a clan on the ropes in Los Angeles. 
  • Recently appointed Harpy, Lawton Tanner, makes a savage proclamation about Deputy Derrick Murray? Was it a bit Premature? 

Sabbat News

The Sabbat have revealed their plan to use Los Angeles as a pool for recruitment and training. The old guard who maintained the Sabbat's presence in LA have gone, and a new, more versatile Sabbat remains. Rumors swirl that Priscus Belladonna and her pack, “New Eden,” are older and more dangerous than previously assumed. It is quite possible, the pack is working towards their own agenda. 

Anarch News

The Anarch movement continues to crumble with a lack of central leadership. The various Barons of the Anarch Free States continue to turn inward and protect their domains, or opt to serve in Lacroix's courts. Those Anarchs who do not find themselves protected by a baron have had difficulty organizing. If they can find a way to band together, there is hope of survival in Los Angeles. No “single” anarch accomplishes anything. Strength comes from unity and numbers. 
The Nightingale in Malibu has been shut down and litigation to foreclose the property is under way. This is a blow for the languishing anarchs in Malibu, as they fight against the major sects.

Clan Populace of Los Angeles

Above is a spread of the Player Character clans in Curse of Caine. Numbers are intentionally omitted. 

Above is a spread of the Player Character clans in Curse of Caine. Numbers are intentionally omitted. 

"It is not how much you have that influences anything, it is how much you are owed."

New Player Characters

We welcome: 
Alexander Chevalet, John Tabler, Shane Wulf, Eric Hammond and Emir Togalu as the latest characters to the L.A. Area. Thank you for joining "Curse of Caine" and supporting Utility Muffin Labs! 

The Plot Tonight

The war for L.A. is looking grim. The Camarilla have recently seized Long Beach, usurping the Anarch hold upon the Barony. Meanwhile, the Sabbat have managed to quietly seize Oakland, CA. While the sect supposedly occupies the territory, there has been no word of any appointed Bishops or Archbishops back in LA. In fact, nobody has made it back from Oakland recently.
Malibu continues to be targeted by the Colossus that is the Ivory Tower. Several strange howls have been heard across Malibu. Until recently, The “wild populace” of wolves have been confined to conservation habitats. Now, since the violence in Malibu has increased, so has reports of wolf sightings. As Malibu becomes the new front line in the great Jyhad, who will claim the beach community as their own? 

"We're fighting for our lives here, but the Ventrue and Tremere still have to piss on each others' shoes every chance they get, and all the Toreador want to do is critique the color of the stream." - Theo Bell

Our current Storytelling staff consists of Bob, Jeff and Christopher. If you have any questions about starting up a character, character creation or other game-related questions, make sure to reach out to them on Discord. If you have questions about Patreon, the VTM25 podcast, concerns or ideas for our websites, you can reach out to Nathan. Thank you for your continued support, and we'll see you in the World of Darkness. 

Until next month, 
 - Nathan and Bob