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Justin Lee Smith released this on his website,

“I will not be silenced by a devil looking to destroy our way of life, our culture and our entire population. I have put the bullseye on my back, so this is the type of thing I expect. I’ve chosen to live this life, and as such, I accept that I will be hunted by the evils that want you to stay asleep. This evening, I posted out of a local jail, after the literal vampires and demons that control your government arranged for me to be locked away. Were it not for the outpouring of support from the JLS Militia and our legal team, I may have ended up at a black site or worse. In the coming days, I need you, the awake and aware, to see through the lies and smokescreen of the ancient conspiracy. If we do not keep our eyes open, we shall remain shackled. I will continue to broadcast, no matter what happens. The oppressive state will have to sew my lips shut to quiet me. I will remain in hiding until such time that I am summoned before a tribunal. Faith will be our light in this dark period.”

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Enemy of the State
There's a war going on for your mind! Join host, Justin Lee Smith, as he guides you through the minefield of terror clutching for your soul. Justin Lee Smith discusses topics such as, UFO's, the "New World Order," demonic rituals, the Werewolf an Vampire secret state, as well as strategies for protecting your family from pure evil. 


Omni Televison
Celebrating Diversity

Our mission: To collaborate with people and organizations in the communities we serve to bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to the region. 

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There is a world beyond your Senses. Experience the darkness of your Soul. 
- Warlock -
In His Magic, the Other Side

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"When You're Broke Down and Nobody's Around..."


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LaGrange Inn

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3500 AM The Valley Conservative Talk Radio

Tune into 3500 am for news, weather, sports updates and hard-hitting Conservative talk radio! The Valley serves all of Metro Los Angeles and beyond! 

"350 AM - The Valley! We Think Different™" An Omni Network Station. 

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Missing Person
Liza Ann Green

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Liza Ann Green should contact LAPD's Missing Persons Unit or the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Liza was last seen June 12th, 2017 at the UCLA Campus. 

Liza's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information on her current whereabouts. 

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Wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department

Anyone with information about this man should contact Detective Harris with the SC Homicide Division. This unknown man is wanted in connection with a shooting death on June 8th, 2017. Use case# 303514752 when calling. 


In the News

Local Rock musician wanted in connection with the death of two young women early yesterday morning. Police Chief addresses civil concerns during press conference.